Doors & Windows – Producing

Family house, hotel and gated communities heat insulated window, door, front door, outer and inner door making and building in.

Wooden, unique doors & windows

We are making both single pieces and series producing of doors, windows so we can handle with gated communities as well. If the door’s or window’s space was not planned for standard size, look for us, we can make the right size. If You are not satisfied by doors, windows available in the stores, or You would like a unique, stabile demandly made, heat insulated doors, windows to your home, we can make your wishes. of course we are delivering and building in the products.

Furnitures – producing furnitures

If you are planning the interior of your home, you may need a couple of wooden furnitures. We can help in this too with quality, demandly made products. Kitchen furniture, wardrobe, stairs, cupboard, table, additional furnitures, we can make all of these for You in the right color, size and from the choosen (even tipes from the northern countries or exotic) wood.


We are making mostly unique doors, windows and furnitures so the mensuration and guidance are the parts of our job. We can suggest solutions for you, and you can share the dreamed product with us. Just good things can come from common brainstorming.


Repainting, lacquering, custom painting, coating, wood renewing, cutting for unique size, we can do all of them. If it is needed, we are going for a furniture what we are talking about. We are undertaking professional renovation of old antique furnitures as well.

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